How to Use Drinking Water For Your Body Detoxification

We love cleaning our house and external environment every day. People spend long hours taking bath. Unfortunately, we forget to clean the more important part of our body, the internal parts. Our internal parts are equally exposed to pollutants and toxins as the external parts are. Let’s take the example of a car. It needs the internal servicing and cleaning more than the external one. Same goes for the body.

Now, the problem is how to clean and detoxify the internal parts. Well, water is the most suitable agent for it. It is one of the best and the most easily available resource for body detoxification.

Water forms 99%, of the body mass. It is one of the most easily available resources. And probably the most ignored one in our current lifestyle. Ideally, a person should consume minimum 2 lit of water in a day to keep him or her reasonably hydrated and to compensate for the basic water loss through urination and evaporation.

But very few people are normally conscious about it. Most of us are seriously dehydrated without even knowing it.

Such constant dehydration can cause esp. Rheumatism, Arthritis, etc.

Water Detoxification Therapy:

There are many ways to practice Water Detoxification Therapy. The most basic, easiest and the most effective is the early morning water therapy. It cleanses the alimentary canal early morning and sets it detoxified and ready for the fresh meals to come.

Procedure and Precautions:

After getting up early morning, one should drink 4-5 glasses of normal or warm water according to the weather and body requirements. This also helps to relieve any early morning constipation, apart from the process of general detoxification.

One should take the early morning water therapy without washing the mouth or brushing the teeth, except under the condition of severe mouth infections, for example, pyorrhoea.

According to Ayurveda, copper water should be used for early morning water therapy. Copper replaces the other free radicals present in the water. Copper is very helpful in absorption of Iron in the body. It has significant benefits for all kinds of skin disorders. It helps in weight management by stimulating the liver metabolism. Besides, it is anti-microbial, great brain stimulant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer.

It is important to note that one should not drink water when extremely hungry. We should respect the immediate requirements of the body. When you are feeling hungry, please eat first instead of drinking water, even if it is time for water detoxification.


Early Morning Water therapy removes the toxins, rotting food particles as well as excess undesirable mucus from the intestines and reinvigorates them. Imagine it to be similar to flushing water in a drain in order to clean it.

From intestines, a substantial amount of water is absorbed and enters the bloodstream. It stimulates the function of kidneys and helps to filter the blood at a faster rate. The filtered blood is like an early morning refreshing bath for all the organs in the body. A must for all!

Contributed by: Dr. Kanika Verma, Bams, MMS, PGDHHM