Course Overview

Alakh Yog School offers 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh and Goa which is suited for yoga practitioners of all levels. The course is open for everyone who wants to embark their teaching career or looking to go further in their passion for yoga. The teacher training course will cover traditional and dynamic Hatha Yoga poses along with Ashtanga Yoga poses. Apart from the standard subjects, the course curriculum also offers unique modules on “Clearing Emotional Blockages and on “Basic Naturopathy Self Healing Techniques (Using 5 elements)“. These modules are unparalleled and extremely important when it comes to fully immersing yourself in an empowering and inner practice as Yoga.

Alakh Yog is a Yoga Alliance, USA and Yoga Alliance International registered school and our 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in India (YTTC) is recognized by it. Once the course is completed, every student receives a Yoga Alliance, USA certification in his/her name. This certification has a life-long validity and it allows every yogi who has it to teach Yoga worldwide.

Why Join Alakh Yog?

The course follows high quality standards by including subjects, such as asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation, Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle and other traditional yoga techniques. Besides that, the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is customized with a new focus on some other interesting practices listed below that are fundamental to teach Yoga in the proper way.

Emotional blockage treatment

Emotions play an extremely strong role in ones life. However, we live in a society where we constantly have to suppress our emotions, which creates emotional blocks. What if something went wrong in the past can’t let us fulfill our quest for knowledge and inner mental wellness? We teach various techniques on “How to Clear Emotional Blocks”. The students firstly experience it first hand and once you learn how to do it on yourself first, you’ll be able to guide your students, helping them ease stress, anxieties and the traumas. There is going to be some guided practice to understand the huge relationship between emotional accumulation in body with thought pattern. With these techniques when combine with yoga practice, our graduates would really stand out in guiding people n the yogic path of true happiness.

Self-healing through five (5) elements

Naturopathy healing is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine in India. During the course, you are going to learn about basic Naturopathy techniques using the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). It not only helps in healing but also boosts your energies. This module offers a unique opportunity to learn how to reconnect through Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space to rebalance the body and the mind.

Yoga Nidra and Relaxation Techniques

Yoga Nidra is a useful guided yogic practice for deep relaxation, emotional situations management, and stress relief. It is also called “Yogic Sleep” that helps one “to get in and look internally” in order to find the harmony of body, mind and spirit. You pay close attention to the various parts of the body as you relax. The perception of the various parts is orchestrated by the yoga teacher with the will to create a shiny quiet and a state of deep relaxation. It resolves nervousness, irritability, treats colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and useful against menstrual disorders, dizziness, and hypertension.

Yogic Breathing techniques

Breathing properly is key to a successful yoga practice. Practicing without the right breath, you will never be able to extract its true potential. As we know, moving with breath is what can lead a yogi to internal massage, which helps to heal the organs and release tensions. Plus, several yogic breathing techniques are fundamental to deepening your spiritual practice. We will teach you these techniques and how to add them to your movement to gain a deeper experience.

One to one personal interaction for inner queries and their answers

During the course you will have the chance to create interesting educative Q&A sessions with your teachers to clear any doubts, concerns or curiosity about the yoga practice and spiritual journey. This part is so important in order to feel supported and guided in this exciting new phase of your life.


Highlights of 200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum:

Asana Practice

The teacher training course will cover traditional and dynamic Hatha Yoga poses along with Ashtanga Yoga poses. Our focus will be to teach students with correct alignment and adjustments. Along this practical journey, the students will also be able to learn the poses with Sanskrit names, their origin and their modifications. We expect students to explore their body during yoga postures with no stress of performance but instead focus on how to be present on what you are experiencing at that specific moment and try to really deepen you practice with patience. There will be daily 2 classes in the morning and evening.


The word “Prana” means ‘breath or vital life force’ in the body. Every morning, we will start our day with Pranayama practices to really engage our body in the right way for the yoga practice. Pranayama acts on your organs with a perfect mixture of both breathing methods and movements, thereby, improving the elimination of toxins, blood and lymph circulation, kidney filtration, nourishing the nervous system. This acts positively on memory, helping digestion, freeing from negative thoughts and so on.

We will focus on Yogic breathing, NadiShodhana (alternate nostril breathing), Sheetali (cooling breath), Shitkari (hissing breath), Bhramari (humming bee breath), Ujjayi (the psychic or victorious breath), Bhastrika (bellows breath), Kapalabhati (frontal brain cleansing breath), Suryabheda (vitality stimulating breath) etc.


Yoga Philosophy is one of the primary reasons why many students choose to come to India, “The Birthplace of Yoga”. Our yoga philosophy classes will cover many ancient texts of yoga (its origins, history and concepts) and what are its mains paths. We will cover it with a unique touch of dedication and intention that student are not only able to understand it but also start living it. Our classes will give you a solid background and knowledge that will come handy to your teaching path.


Several times we separate yoga from meditation and how this practice is really necessary to deepen our yoga practice. Learning to meditate could seem quite tricky at first but, during the course with our teachers will responsibly guide you. You are going to explore several different active and passive meditation techniques that allow one to be in the present moment. Meditation is one big part of your yoga journey and it will have a lot of attention during our teacher training.


During our YTTC, you are going to learn about anatomical and physiological aspects of your body that we are going to work on during the yoga practice. This is a fundamental subject when it comes to physical practice and your future as a teacher. It is useful in understanding the health benefits, avoiding injuries and therapeutic benefits of asanas. Learning about the functions of the body and how to apply this knowledge will be our core focus. Following this practical and documented approach, you are going to realize all the benefits and actions of yoga for your physical and mental wellness.

Teaching Method and Practice

You will have necessary information, tips and guidance in order to become a prepared and competent teacher. Lessons will involve demonstration, adjustments and, one-by-one approach to follow every student during their journey. You will learn not only how to structure and organize a class properly but also improve your own practice. There will be a major focus on hands-on-adjustments, individual care of each student and dealing with injuries and safety.


  • Shatkarma and its six Purification techniques
  • Seven Chakras and energy healing sessions
  • Serving with devotion, surrender, dedication, love and commitment (Kriya Yoga)
  • Satsang as a meditation group to upgrade your spiritual side and explore even more your inner-self (Bhakti Yoga and Mantra Chantings)

Daily Program

7:00 am7:30 amTea
7:30 am9:30 amPranayama And Asana Practice
9:30 am10:30 amBreakfast
10:30 am12:00 pmAnatomy/Alignment Class
12:30 pm02:00 pmLunch
02:00 pm03:00 pmYoga Philosophy and Sharkarma
03:00 pm04:00 pmTea Break
04:00 pm06:00 pmEvening Asana Practice
06:30 pm07:30 pmMeditation Classes
08:00 pm09:00 pmDinner

What is Included

  • Tuition fee for 200 hours Course
  • Accommodation: Private room with attached private toilet
  • Three time Vegetarian Sattvik Meals
  • A Reference Book for Yoga-asana
  • AlakhYog T-Shirts (Same can be worn on opening and closing ceremony)
  • One New Yoga Mat
  • Jal Neti Pot and Sutra Neti
  • Enema Box

Please Note:
Student Behavior
Don’t forget to behave during your teacher training course. Be gentle, be respectful of your environment and of all your companion and try to always be mindful but caring during your journey. Remind that your behavioral observations will be considered in your Yoga Teacher Training certification.

Please note that the food we provide to you during our YTT is vegetarian and based on the sattvic diet to deepen your experience even more.
The Confirmation Fee must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.

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