100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

The 100-hour Yoga teacher training course is here to help people in learning Yogic science as well as helps in becoming a Yoga teacher. This course is for those who want to learn Yoga and want to take benefit from it. This course is structured in a way that it will provide deep knowledge about Yoga. In this is the course available in Rishikesh, learners will learn and practice the different techniques of Yoga and meditation. Students will be trained in all domains of Yoga.

The concept of learning Yoga through the Yoga Teacher Training course is beneficial in many ways. This course empowers people with Yogic science and helps them in becoming good Yoga teachers. Here, in this course, students learn in an environment free from stress. In this course, students will learn different poses and correct postures.

The main aim of learning Yoga is to bring balance between body and mind. Yoga helps in improving outside physical health as well as the internal health of the body. This 100-hour teacher training course is based on this idea. This course is designed in a way that it will help its learner in every aspect. This course is structured after in-depth research in the field of Yoga.  In this course, emphasis is given on the mental and physical health of students and teaching methodology.

This 100-hour training course is instructed by dynamic and experienced teachers which lead their students on the great path of Yoga. Under this course, students will go through an intensive learning schedule. This intensive learning schedule helps students in gaining fundamental tools important to understand the techniques of teaching and practising more effectively. The main aim of this course is to transform a normal human into a great Yoga teacher. Once a student becomes a Yoga Teacher he\she will be more inspired to help people in learning Yoga.

This course is not based on a dogmatic approach to Yoga. Here, students and teachers both are free to explore the wonderful world of Yoga, get knowledge about various topics. This course helps its student in becoming great teachers by first making them good learners of Yogic science.  This 100-hour teacher training course helps students in digesting knowledge and techniques of Yoga essential for being a Yoga teacher. This course inspires its student and leads them on the path of becoming Yoga instructors.

Under this course, students will learn correct techniques and postures for Asanas. During class, instructors help them in practising asanas in the right way so that they will get to know that how to do an asana effectively. This helps students in understanding postures, their alignment and different variations. The practise of Pranayama and breathing exercises is another important part of this course. Teachers will teach students about the importance of proper breathing techniques. Once students get the proper understanding of the pranayama then they will get a level up in their training course. Under this course another crucial subject that is dhyana, meditation is also taught. Here, students will learn different ways to harness mental energy and bring stillness to their bodies and mind. Apart from these students will also learn Yoga philosophy, history and enhance their knowledge about traditional Indian Yoga sutras.


In today’s time, there are several places available that teach Yoga. However, the best place to learn Yoga in RISHIKESH. The foremost reason behind this notion is that it is the place where Yoga gets originated. Here, people not only get the proper and authentic knowledge about Yoga but also this place to have everything that is required to learn Yogic science. This place provides peace and tranquillity and here people will get different knowledgeable Yogis who are not available anywhere else. Come to this heaven and explore the power of Yoga, experience how Yoga not only changes body and mind but also changes life. This place provides the best teachers in the world so come here get taught by the best and become the best.

This 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training course is the first step to begin their career as Yoga Teacher. This course is suitable for those who want to begin their Yoga journey and want to start fresh. If you want to teach Yoga or just want to extend your training this course is suitable for all, to begin with. This course is best to start learning for becoming a Yoga teacher because this course contains all the necessary knowledge required to start the journey. In RISHIKESH there are many schools and each school has its style and techniques of teaching but the fundamental learnings are the same at all places. Every school is still connected to the roots of Yoga and give authentic knowledge about Yoga.

This course should contain:

The training course should have classes regarding Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation, Asanas, Mantras and chanting.

Under this course, emphasis should be given to communication skills, providing guidance, teaching how to do correct poses, giving assistance in learning Yoga, teach different styles and techniques.

The class should have mediation sessions. Meditation in normal terms is an art of concentrating within self and bringing the mind to calmness. This art is very essential for being a good Yogi. Meditation helps in maintaining a balance between the body and mind.

The class under this course should teach mantra chanting. Mantras in Indian Yogic science is an essential component of Yoga. The chanting of mantras will bring positivity and help in reducing stress and anxiety. The mantras also help in achieving the advanced stage of meditation. 

The practice of breathing exercises is an essential part of this course. Without achieving control of breath no one will become a good Yoga student. Breathing exercises helps in maintaining body balance while performing Yoga. It also brings calmness to the mind. Deep breathing exercises are part of advanced level meditation.


This 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training course covers Yoga and meditation. This course covers the fundamentals of Yogic techniques required to become a Yoga teacher. This course is beneficial for both the individual learner and people who want to become Yoga Teachers. There is no prerequisite is needed to join this course. Anyone who wants to start his journey on the path of Yoga should come and join the course. This course will help those students who really want to learn Yoga but do not have enough time to invest. Here, in RISHIKESH people can enrol themselves in this course and begin their new journey. This course will also act as the fundamental base for learners who want to go to the advanced stage of learning Yoga.

The Yoga Schools in RISHIKESH are registered under the Yoga Alliance U.S.A and follow the standards set by them. So, learning here is like a guarantee for authentic teaching. This course is based on the standards of Yoga Alliance. After completing this course students will get a certificate from Yoga Alliance U.S.A and Yoga Alliance international. After successfully attending this course students can teach anywhere in the world without any problem. The curriculum covers every aspect of Yoga Alliance and makes this course the best choice for starting a Yoga journey.

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