200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

We present you 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India. This course is registered under Yoga Alliance, the U.S.A. this course is designed to provide complete knowledge about Yoga. This course teaches students about different parts of Yoga like Pranayama, Asanas, Meditation, Mantras, Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy and many more. In this course, students will learn both theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. This course follows every perimeter of standards decided by Yoga Alliance for a 200-hour course. In Rishikesh, we offer a 200-hour residential Yoga Teacher Training Course in a wonderful and enchanting environment. Rishikesh is the “world capital of Yoga” and many people also named it as “land of meditation”.

Any person who is interested in learning Yoga and also want to help others in learning Yoga must come to this magnificent city Rishikesh and join this course. This course helps students in learning Yoga and its implications on the human body. This course provides in-depth knowledge about Yoga and support people on the great path of becoming Yoga Teacher. Through this course, students can polish their Yoga concepts and practice them. Our institute is situated in Rishikesh, this place is the best place to start your Yoga journey. This place provides an environment of peace and tranquillity. Here, students feel soothing and relaxed, free from stress. The air here is pure which refreshes your breath. Doing Yoga practice here not only refreshes the body and mind but also refreshes the soul.

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course is like many students around the globe. The main reason for its popularity is its structure and syllabus which deepens the knowledge of students in the field of Yoga. This course helps them to become prominent and efficient Yoga Teachers anywhere in the world. Another reason for the popularity of this course is the convenience it provides to its learners. This course is designed in a way that a beginner may also join this course and an experienced Yogi will also join this course. The course will help both of them to polish and gain knowledge in Yoga. This course is also certified by Yoga Alliance. This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is the best way not only to learn Yoga but also to become a Yoga Teacher. This course supports its student in channelizing their energies and getting connected with the divine power in themselves. People who want to know more about Yoga and its tradition will also get benefited from this course.

If a person wants to get a balance between his body, mind and soul then this is the right course to enrol for. This 200-hour course in Rishikesh has been planned in a way that leads students on the path of calmness and enlightenment. People who want to overcome stress and anxiety in their daily life must join this course. This course helps students to connect with their inner selves. This month-long will not only change the body and mind but also help in becoming a good teacher and a human being.

This 200-hour course in Rishikesh will help students in learning the essential aspects of Yogic culture and also lead them to a healthy lifestyle. After attending this course people will find a positive change in their daily routine and be able to handle stress and anxiety. This course also provides a career option. People will become Yoga teachers after learning this course and earn a good living for themselves. This course is certified by Yoga Alliance U.S.A and this increases its credibility and worth. Under this course, students will learn traditional Yogic science with modern knowledge. 

This course is developed in such a way that a student of any age group, level of experience in Yoga, race, gender etc. will join this course. This course will equally benefit its students. This course will provide elaborate knowledge about Yogic science and Ayurveda. The structure of this course is well planned. Here students learn every aspect of Yoga. In this course, instructors will pay proper attention to their students and help them in overcoming hindrances during their learning with us. Students will get the full support of their teachers. Students will learn proper postures, meditation, breathing exercises and asana. All this at Rishikesh.

Highlights of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

  •  Students will get Yoga Alliance Certification of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.
  •  27 Days classes with practical knowledge.
  •  In-depth learning and practice of different asana.
  •  Students will get manuals and Books related to Yoga science.
  •  The strength of students in a class is small.
  •  3 times Yogic meals and tea during the course
  •  Daily Yoga classes with proper attention towards students.
  •  Regular meditation classes.
  •  Asana classes of Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga.

Benefits of this course:

  • In this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, students will learn the correct practice of asana, meditation pranayama and mantras.
  • Attending this course will gradually help in developing your body flexibility.
  • Performing Yoga in the class will help in improving the immune system.
  • Provides calmness to mind and learns breathing techniques.
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course empowers its students to become certified Yoga Teachers.
  • Students will get a certificate from Yoga Alliance U.S.A.

SO, come and join this beautiful journey of learning Yoga in RISHIKESH and transform your lives. Here, is the opportunity of becoming a known Yoga teacher, so, don’t waste it.

Come we are here for your service!

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