200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course

In this 21st century, yoga becomes essential for health. Many people around the globe are now including yoga in their everyday’s routine. But without proper knowledge, the benefits of yoga are not achievable. People require training and guidance for gaining proper profit from Yoga. Yoga in itself is an ocean of knowledge and without diving into it, no one is able to attain benefits. But most people do not know from where they will get knowledge about Yoga and the knowledge they are gaining is appropriate or not. To resolve this here, we present our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course. This course is designed for those learners who have a keen interest in learning Yoga and also want to make others learn about it. This 200-hour course will give learners in-depth knowledge about Yoga and help them in changing their life. After attending this course people become the messenger of Yoga and help others in learning this beneficial lifestyle. Students under this course are trained by experienced teachers who not only teach them but also guide them on the path of yoga.

This course provides an amazing opportunity of becoming a professional Yoga teacher. After completing the course students will get a certificate from Yoga Alliance and work as Yoga Teachers anywhere. 

In this course, students will learn Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantras, Human Anatomy and many more skills. What makes this course more productive is its faculty and curriculum. In this course, students get a chance to learn from the best Yoga teachers. We have a team of experienced teachers who are dedicated to Yoga. In this course, students not only get theoretical classes but also learn Yoga practically by performing on their own.

Is there any prerequisite for this course? No, nothing other than will is required to join this course. Anyone from anywhere who belongs to any community, religion, race or gender is welcome in this course. This course leads its learner to an unforgettable journey with lots of knowledge and enjoyment. The journey will amaze the learner and brings positive changes in the mind and body of a learner. If anyone does not want to be a teacher but want to learn yoga is also welcome here. This course will provide a lifetime experience of learning Yoga.



Students will learn different styles of Yoga. In this class, emphasis will be given on HATH YOGA and ASHTANGA YOGA poses and techniques. Apart from it, students will learn different other Yoga asanas. For becoming a good yoga teacher one must know about the correct postures and poses. In this class, students will learn how to perform correct poses with correct postures.


The term “Pranayama” is related to breathing control. In Yoga, without having command over breath it is useless of doing Yoga. In this class, the instructor will teach students that how they will get control over their breath. Here, students will understand that how breathing will help in attaining control stability of the mind. Students will learn different types of breathing exercises like Ujjayi Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Alom-Vilom Pranayama and many other techniques.


Meditation is an integral part of Yoga and doing practice is essential for doing Yoga practice. Meditation helps students in attaining a balance between the body and mind. Without this balance benefits of Yoga is not achievable. In this class, students will learn how to meditate. Instructors will guide students that how they can achieve a balance between body and mind. In this class, students will learn many techniques of meditation. Learning proper meditation techniques will lead to boosting this Yoga journey.

Yoga Philosophy:

India is the birthplace of YOGA. For thousands of years, many texts were written on Yoga and its technique. In this philosophy class students will get knowledge about the history of Yoga and learn about some of the famous texts on Yoga techniques written by famous Yoga teachers in India. Our teachers will make these complicated texts easy for students so, that they will learn the thousand-year-old Indian technique. In this class, the sessions are attended in English. This help foreign students in learning these text. Without understanding these texts becoming a Yoga teacher is not beneficial as one must know what is Yoga and from where it is originated.

Teaching methodology:

For becoming a good teacher one must know about one’s subject. In this course, our instructor will provide in-depth knowledge of Yoga. Our instructor will provide all the necessary details, tips and guidance require for being a Yoga teacher. In the class, proper lessons will be provided on each Yoga technique with attention to all students. If any student finds any Yoga technique difficult to understand or is not able to perform it properly. Our experienced teachers will help them until they learn how to do it properly.


In this class, students will understand the effects of Yoga on their bodies and mind. They will learn the physiological and anatomical aspects of the human body and the effects of Yoga on it. It is very essential to learn the effects of YOGIC EXERCISE on the human body and its implication for being a Yoga teacher. In this class, students will learn how to practice yoga safely, its therapeutic benefits and avoid injuries.

Benefits of this course:

  1. This course helps students to understand what Yoga actually is. It provides knowledge about Yoga and its technique. Students after attending this course accurately perform Yogic exercises.
  2. This course is an investment for the future. This course provides overall development in its student.
  3. After attending this class students find change in their daily routine. Now doing Yogic exercise becomes part of their daily routine. This lifestyle change will protect them from various diseases and other lifestyle problems.
  4. After attending this course learners will get whole information about Yoga. They will understand what Yoga is and how it will change the life of a person. They will get knowledge of ancient texts on Yoga techniques.
  5. No one is a born teacher. But after attending this course one will get to know about the hidden secrets of Yoga teaching. This course help not only enhance your knowledge of Yoga but also make you an outstanding Yoga teacher. This course provides expertise in Yoga Teacher Training.

What is included in a package:

  • 27 Nights Private Accommodation with wifi facility in rooms.
  • 3 Daily yogic Meals (changes can be made if there are any special requirements).
    200-hour Yoga teacher training Alliance Certification.
  • Course manual and items for YOGIC EXERCISES like Use of Yoga mats and other equipment required for practices.
  • Other reading materials on YOGA and its technique.

This course is for yoga lovers who do not only want to learn but also want to help others in learning yoga.

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