200-hour Yoga Teacher Training India

This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course is a golden opportunity for those who not only want to deepen and enhance their knowledge for Yoga Meditation but also want to learn their practical use. This course is most famous in India and many people around the globe want to learn this course in India. This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course in India is according to the standards set by Yoga Alliance U.S.A and World Yoga Alliance. This Yoga course in India will provide in-depth knowledge about Yoga and its techniques. Students get a chance to learn important Yogic components like Pranayama, Asanas, Mantra, Kriya, Ayurveda, Meditation, Philosophy and many more.

This course will provide teacher training for an international Yoga teacher. So, do not waste time and join this course to become an international certified Yoga teacher. 

If anyone has an interest in yoga and want to make this a career then this course is the right choice. Here, students will not only learn about Yoga but also learn how to teach Yoga. This course help in practising and teaching Yoga.

Yoga is a deep science. One needs a thorough understanding of Yoga to become a successful Yoga Teacher. This course provides a good base for Yogic techniques. This course is designed per Yoga alliance U.S.A and teach every aspect of Yoga according to it. once you complete this course then you get a certificate from Yoga Alliance U.S.A. this certificate is necessary if anyone wants to teach yoga worldwide to people.

The person who wants to become an international certified Yoga teacher needs to get training and certification from an institute that is a registered yoga school under Yoga Alliance. To become a Yoga teacher you need to be qualified as a Yoga teacher who can teach Yoga to its students. One must have the in-depth and right knowledge about yoga and know how to perform different poses correctly. With these, a teacher should also know breathing techniques which are an essential component of Yoga.

Once a person is certified by the Yoga alliance he or she can teach yoga anywhere in the world without any problem. This course helps those students who want to become efficient Yoga teachers and here, students learn about ancient techniques of Yoga in India that is the land of Yoga.

This course is value for money. After attending this course one can go to any place in the world and earn a good living as a certified Yoga teacher.

Benefits of this course:

This course is for those who have an edacious wish to learn Yoga and want to practice it, want to learn about its history and philosophy. There are no pre-requisite for this course. Anyone who has the desire can come to India and join this course. This Yoga Teacher Training course will provide complete knowledge about Yoga. Under this students will learn how to teach Yoga and enhance their practice.

  • Students would learn original Indian Yoga.
  • It provides complete knowledge of philosophical as well as efficient aspects of Yoga.
  • Under this course, students will self-realize the power of Yoga.
  • Cater information of Yoga Science & Philosophy.
  • This YTTC will help students in experiencing the wonderful combination of Traditional Yoga teachings and modern scientific practice methods.
  • Students will learn all Yogic exercises and techniques.

Reasons to join this course:

  1. If one wants to take authentic knowledge about Yoga, one should come to India and join Yoga school here. In Indian Yoga school, students will get a chance to introduce themselves to traditional and original Yoga.
  2. The Yoga schools in India provide proper certification which is essential for being an international Yoga Teacher. Students who learn from here can teach anywhere in the world.
  3. Here, in Indian Yoga schools, students will get a combination of ancient Yoga teachings with a modern practical and scientific approach. This course helps students in getting every aspect of Yogic techniques which is essential to be a Yoga teacher. in the course syllabus, a balance is maintained between the traditional and heritage and current medical science knowledge.
  4. The instructors at Indian schools are experienced, skilled and well versed in Yogic science. Here students not only learn theoretical aspects but also perform learnings practically. Students will get proper attention during class as well.
  5. Schools in India also organises educational tours for their students. They take their students to different places in India where they can learn about Yoga and its tradition. Through these tours, they will also get to know about Indian culture and heritage which help them to understand India.

 Syllabus of this course:


Students will learn different styles of Yoga. In this class, emphasis will be given on HATH YOGA and ASHTANGA YOGA poses and techniques. Apart from it, students will learn different other Yoga asanas. For becoming a good yoga teacher one must know about the correct postures and poses. In this class, students will learn how to perform correct poses with correct postures.


The term “Pranayama” is related to breathing control. In Yoga, without having command over breath it is useless of doing Yoga. In this class, the instructor will teach students that how they will get control over their breath. Here, students will understand that how breathing will help in attaining control stability of the mind. Students will learn different types of breathing exercises like Ujjayi Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Alom-Vilom Pranayama and many other techniques.


Meditation is an integral part of Yoga and doing practice is essential for doing Yoga practice. Meditation helps students in attaining a balance between the body and mind. Without this balance benefits of Yoga is not achievable. In this class, students will learn how to meditate. Instructors will guide students that how they can achieve a balance between body and mind. In this class, students will learn many techniques of meditation. Learning proper meditation techniques will lead to boosting this Yoga journey.

Yoga Philosophy:

India is the birthplace of YOGA. For thousands of years, many texts were written on Yoga and its technique. In this philosophy class students will get knowledge about the history of Yoga and learn about some of the famous texts on Yoga techniques written by famous Yoga teachers in India. Our teachers will make these complicated texts easy for students so, that they will learn the thousand-year-old Indian technique. In this class, the sessions are attended in English. This help foreign students in learning these text. Without understanding these texts becoming a Yoga teacher is not beneficial as one must know what is Yoga and from where it is originated.

Teaching methodology:

For becoming a good teacher one must know about one’s subject. In this course, our instructor will provide in-depth knowledge of Yoga. Our instructor will provide all the necessary details, tips and guidance require for being a Yoga teacher. In the class, proper lessons will be provided on each Yoga technique with attention to all students. If any student finds any Yoga technique difficult to understand or is not able to perform it properly. Our experienced teachers will help them until they learn how to do it properly.


In this class, students will understand the effects of Yoga on their bodies and mind. They will learn the physiological and anatomical aspects of the human body and the effects of Yoga on it. It is very essential to learn the effects of YOGIC EXERCISE on the human body and its implication for being a Yoga teacher. In this class, students will learn how to practice yoga safely, its therapeutic benefits and avoid injuries.

Why India?

Schools in India are registered not only with the government of India but also with Yoga Alliance. Students who complete their course here will get certification to teach anywhere in the world. Students across the globe are coming to India for learning Yoga, it is not because India is the land of Yoga but because here they will get the original teaching about Yogic techniques and tradition. Here in India, there are various places famous for Yoga. In India, students will get an environment of peace and tranquillity. So, come to India and join this popular course.

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