Kundalini Yoga Training India

First acquainted with the western world in the last part of the 70s by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini yoga is a blend of breath, development, and sound. Derived from the Sanskrit word kundal, it means "wound energy." The thought is that we as a whole have energy assembled at the base of our spine and, through the act of Kundalini, we bring that energy up our spine through the seven chakras, and out the crown of our head. "The cycle of development through Kundalini Yoga is your very own characteristic nature," Yogi Bhajan said. "Like a snake, you should shed old.... [Read more]
Types of Doshas

What are Dosha and Prakriti?

Alakh Yoga Teachers just want to incorporate yoga into your daily life and help you in becoming a certified yoga teacher. So, join our 200 Hour Yoga Yoga Teacher Training in India for an exciting and rewarding life journey. Dosha And Prakriti – Know Thyself Dosha is one of the most intriguing principles of Ayurveda. It is because the classical Ayurveda text states that they cannot be seen but become visible only through their functions. This looks a little mystical but the same thing can be said about electricity as well. One cannot see the electricity but we know it.... [Read more]
Mud Therapy in India

Naturopathy Techniques For A Healthy Life

Naturopathy is essentially a celebration of the natural way of life. It is often seen as a relatively holistic approach to a healthier you. The core foundation of this line of treatment is a deep-set belief in our natural resources. Whether you look at a healthy diet, fresh air, clean water, often these are the roots of health and wellness. The entire naturopathy treatment is based on one basic theory. It is all about restoring our natural body balance. These could be achieved through a wide range of therapies. Often these include dietary changes, a radical shift in lifestyle, and.... [Read more]
Alignment Class at AlakhYog

5 Qualities To Look For In Your Yoga Instructor

A good yoga instructor is someone who is able to not just teach you the right asanas but also kindle the passion within you. This is exactly why when you are on the lookout for the right yoga instructor, you should search for someone who is committed and works tirelessly towards the betterment of his students. While every teacher has the unique qualities that would set them apart but the fact is there are some qualities that are absolutely indispensable. Here is a quick low-down on the five qualities to look for: In-Depth Knowledge As a teacher, it is imminent.... [Read more]
How to drink Water

How to Use Drinking Water For Your Body Detoxification

We love cleaning our house and external environment every day. People spend long hours taking baths. Unfortunately, we forget to clean the more important part of our body, the internal parts. Our internal parts are equally exposed to pollutants and toxins as the external parts are. Let’s take the example of a car. It needs internal servicing and cleaning more than the external one. The same goes for the body. Now, the problem is how to clean and detoxify the internal parts. Well, water is the most suitable agent for it. It is one of the best and the most.... [Read more]
Benefits of Sattvik Diet

How Being Vegetarian Helped my Yoga Practice?

You might have often heard that yoga practice and vegetarianism go hand in hand and it might have bothered you about why you need to have a vegetarian diet to be a yogi. Well, the crux of the matter is that different kind of food kindles the different parts of our brain. While fruits and vegetables spark the satvik or calming elements in your body, too much meat, and protein-rich food invariably incite the rajasik and tamasik element that leads to excitement or anger or even desire. While there is no reason for absolutely abstaining from non-veg but a predominantly.... [Read more]
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