Types of Doshas

What are Dosha and Prakriti?

Alakh Yoga Teachers just want to incorporate yoga into your daily life and help you in becoming a certified yoga teacher. So, join our 200 Hour Yoga Yoga Teacher Training in India for an exciting and rewarding life journey. Dosha And Prakriti – Know Thyself Dosha is one of the most intriguing principles of Ayurveda. It is because the classical Ayurveda text states that they cannot be seen but become visible only through their functions. This looks a little mystical but the same thing can be said about electricity as well. One cannot see the electricity but we know it.... [Read more]
Benefits of Sattvik Diet

How Being Vegetarian Helped my Yoga Practice?

You might have often heard that yoga practice and vegetarianism go hand in hand and it might have bothered you about why you need to have a vegetarian diet to be a yogi. Well, the crux of the matter is that different kind of food kindles the different parts of our brain. While fruits and vegetables spark the satvik or calming elements in your body, too much meat, and protein-rich food invariably incite the rajasik and tamasik element that leads to excitement or anger or even desire. While there is no reason for absolutely abstaining from non-veg but a predominantly.... [Read more]
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