Core Power Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

There is various form of yoga. Many people perform traditional Yoga and many come out with a new form of Yoga known as CORE POWER YOGA. Core power yoga is comprised of a new style of poses and exercises which provide strength to mind, body and soul. In the 200-hour core power yoga teacher training course teachers aim to teach students that how they will activate their core energy present inside the body. In this teaching programme, the main emphasis is given to activating the energy within the body. Here students will learn that how they will communicate with their bodies and how to activate spiritual core so they can achieve the state of stillness and power. After achieving this inner strength students focuses on their mental and spiritual power and this inner power helps them in gaining mental and spiritual strength.

Many people who are beginners and want to join Yoga classes do not know what to learn and what to expect. They also do not know different styles of Yoga and what suits them. So the one who heard about core power Yoga and want to give it a chance then this training programme is for you. You not only learn in this course but also become a certified teacher to teach.

Core power yoga is a very strenuous and vigorous exercise. This exercise gives you result according to your expectations and without much exhaustion of long Yoga period. It is because core power yoga is a mixture of physical, mental and spiritual exercises and not only physical exercises. This helps students overall growth without much feeling of exhaustion. In this course, core power yoga is blended with meditation sessions of the Indian style. In simple words, core power yoga gives its learner both mental and physical growth.

This core power yoga is also known as POWER VINYASA YOGA. Many people consider core power yoga as a westernized form of YOGA.  A yoga instructor named Beryl Bender Bich called this type of Yoga CORE POWER YOGA.  The practice of Asthanga Yoga was brought to the west by some Indian Yogis, and people in the west change this practice accordingly in their style as core power yoga. This practice is inspired by SHRI K Pattabhi JOIS, who is the person who shared his knowledge of Asthanga Yoga with the western world. The yogis in the west who understand the importance of this style of yoga started teaching and practising it. This practice is now known as Core Power Yoga.

The core power of yoga is based on three pillars. The first is core power, the second is unlocking athletic power, third is the strength of the soul. This core power exercise mainly focuses on abdominal muscles and provide fortitude. In this Yoga, exercises are performed with a combination of moves specifically designed to tone muscles. Under the athletic power, exercise emphasis is given not only on abs and back but also on hips and pelvis. In the strength of the soul part of it, the main importance is on body and mind connection. It involves yoga poses at a fast pace.

Benefits of CORE POWER YOGA:

  1. Core power yoga involves the fast-paced movement of exercises. This fast flow movement in exercise ensures effective physical strength in students. So, this Yoga provides flexibility, stamina and strength.
  2. Under this Yoga, emphasis is given to breathing exercises. These breathing exercises are essential for the inner strength of a body and ultimately increase the lungs capacity and help in many lungs diseases like asthma and other respiratory diseases. This breathing exercise helps students in managing stress and get relief from it. this yoga leads to calmness and increases inner focus in students.
  3. There are different atmospheres in which core power yoga is performed. Heated rooms are one of these. Here students perform yoga in heated rooms which let them sweat more and help them in getting rid of toxins. Core power yoga with heated power yoga is also effective in weight loss.

 200-hour teacher training course:

This two hundred hour teacher training course is of a great connotation for Yoga lovers who not only want to learn Yoga but also want to teach it. this course covers all the aspects of Core Power Yoga and related exercises.

This course is certified by Yoga Alliance. This 200-hour Yoa Teacher Training course is open to everyone. There is no pre-requisite for this course other than the will to learn Yoga and to help others. Anyone from anywhere can come to join this course in India. This course is designed in a way that it teaches how to do core power yoga with teaching knowledge that how to teach core power yoga. This course helps those people who want to start their career as Core Power Yoga teachers. Here students not only learn core power yoga but also get help in cleaning their emotional blockages and how to manage stress in daily life. On completion of the course, every student gets a Yoga Alliance certificate. Without this certificate no one can teach Yoga, this course is the minimum requirement to become a certified Yoga teacher.

This 200-hour teacher training course is designed in a way that provides in-depth knowledge of Core Power Yoga to its students.

Benefits of this course:

  1. Acquire thorough knowledge of CORE POWER YOGA.
  2. Through this course enhance your teaching skills with additional knowledge about traditional Yoga practises.
  3. Get knowledge about the core of this wonderful Yogic exercise and learn about it in a wonderful environment of peace and tranquillity.
  4. Increase your overall body, mind and spiritual strength by daily practice.
  5. Learns the skills to be a good Yoga teacher.
  6. Share the knowledge and experience you have gained as a yoga teacher with others.
  7. Get time for yourself and learn Yoga in a fun, motivated and happy environment.
  8. Give rise to your credibility and increase your knowledge.
  9. Get a yoga alliance certificate and teach anywhere to anyone without any fear.

So come and fulfil your dream of being a Core Power Yoga student and a teacher. Join us and lead a healthy life, educate society and help in transforming it.

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