In modern times, one is plagued with diseases due to our unhealthy lifestyles. We live in an age where we are constantly surrounded by pollution, convenience food and stress. This takes us far away from our natural state and environment thus, causing a plethora of detrimental health effects. While modern medicine gives temporary relief and works only on specific areas but in most cases it suppresses rather than working on the root cause, not to mention the side effects. This has led many people to look for alternative medicine. This is where naturopathy stands out. Naturopathy is an ancient science that believes in the power of ones body to heal oneself through guided treatments using the elements available in the nature.
Yoga Detox Retreat in India
This 13 day Naturopathy and Detox Yoga Retreat simply applies basic natural therapy techniques that have been used for years to treat various conditions. In this yoga retreat, you will not only undergo our Emotional detox program for the first week and (in second week) learn basic Naturopathy techniques focused on patient care and recovery, which you can later practice at home.

Naturopathy And Yoga Detox Retreat Highlights:

  • Highlight the healing power of nature
  • Work On Curative and Eliminative Techniques
  • Learn Basic Techniques that can be practiced at home
  • Sessions and Focus on How to Release Your Emotional Blocks
  • Do not cause harm or exacerbate pre-existing conditions
  • Naval Balancing Treatment
  • How to Clear Your Emotional Blocks
  • Daily Yoga and meditation Practice


Daily Program

6:30 am 7:30 am Pranayama And Morning Yoga
7:30 am 9:30 am Body Cleansing And Basic Naturopathy Treatments
9:30 am 10:30 am Breakfast
11:00 am 12:30 pm Naturopathy Therapies(as per your requirement)
1:00 pm 02:00 pm Lunch
02:00 pm 06:00 pm Rest and Tea
06:00 pm 07:00 pm Meditation and Sufi Techniques
08:00 pm 09:00 pm Dinner

Note: The above schedule above can be changed. In the First week, the focus will be on Emotional Unblocking while in the second week, we will be following the above schedule for Naturopathy.


The price of 13 day Naturopathy and Detox Yoga Retreat is 700 EUR, which includes your food and accommodation. You are expected to arrive on Sunday, to give yourself time to recover from your journey. In case, you want to make your own food and accommodation arrangements, the price will be 500 EUR.

About Naturopathy

Naturopathy revolves around five elements:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Space/Ether

Hence, retreat will cover the healing techniques around these 5 elements. The students will be practicing all the basic techniques mentioned below and are expected to strictly follow our instructions to gain maximum benefits from the treatments:

Cleansing through Breath(Air): The students will be learning how their mental, physical and emotional patterns can be altered through breath. The impact of an in-depth understanding of right breathing techniques on health is often undermined.

Mud Therapy in India

Cleansing through Water: More than 70% of our body is comprised of water with acid and alkaline elements. By drinking proper amount of water, these elements can be balanced. We will also be covering some water therapies to enhance your state of health

Cleansing with Mud(Earth): We would be using mud therapy to take out toxins and stomach heat.

Cleansing through Fasting (Space): Fasting refers to abstinence from food for a varying length of time. It has become a very essential technique in detoxification of the the body. You will be taught how to fast properly and how to watch your energy flow during fasting.

Cleansing through Fire: Heat therapy when combined with fasting has a double impact on the cleansing.

To ensure a state of healthy lifestyle, we advice all the students to follow our prescribed techniques and adhere to a disciplined life as per nature. Naturopathy helps you in returning to these roots and unlocking the highest level of health and curing our ailments. Re-discovering this natural state will restore balance within the body and connect us with the nature around us.

NOTE – Alakh Yog Foundation is not a treatment center. We do not treat or work on Traumas, Acute or Chronic problems. One must decide to participate in this Yoga Detox retreat with an intention of learning basic naturopathy techniques which will help you relax and rejuvenate.

Body Detox Retreat With Naturopathy

Starting from 550 EUR | 13 Days | Rishikesh, India

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